The Real Science Behind Higher Performance

Demands.  We wake up thinking about what is asked of us, what is expected of us, and what we expect from ourselves.

Demands come in all shapes, sizes, and usually at a time that is seemingly inconvenient because that is when we are more conscious of those “demands”.  But, as we all know, that is life.  Demands aren’t necessarily bad, they are just what is needed at that time and space, and then we become more aware of those occurrences because it is different from our daily “norm”.

This phenomenon is like our health.  For instance, pain is noticed because it’s different from your “norm, or on the other hand, achieving a physical accomplishment like completing your first 5k, getting a PR with your overhead squat, etc. is noticed because that is also different from your normal.

As humans, we have this uncanny ability to adapt to our outside world or our environment.  In terms of structural health; for example, those that have a job in which sitting is the primary position, your body will start adapting to conform into a prolonged slouching or hunched position, which typically leads to back and neck pain.  Because there are always two sides to a coin, adaptations can also be a beneficial thing.  Such as, when you lift weights on a consistent basis, you will build more muscle while losing fat.

Both are examples of adapting to the environment of that specific demand.

Most members come to us because they are experiencing pain or physical limitation that is not their normal.  When presented with such cases, we want to be diligent with our approaches to expediting the resolution of that discomfort so you can get back to your normal but more importantly, our approaches have the intentions of helping you beyond that point.

Imagine a life where you can feel physically better and evolve to a point that is more enhanced than your norm

Imagine a life where you can feel physically better and evolve to a point that is more enhanced than your “norm”. We understand that life is demanding, AIM is here to establish your new norm, which is creating a life for you that is more durable, more resilient, and more fluid with less resistance.

As your provider, our job is to figure out the demands your body is placed under that is leading to the discomfort, you’d be surprised that it isn’t necessarily the area of complaint or what hurts.   The pain is the result of the structural dysfunction, usually elsewhere.  Once that’s determined, the next step is to remove that stress from the body through our specialized treatments.

What we pride ourselves in while treating you, is creating a body that becomes more durable and resilient to those demands that you have to endure every day; either through your job, your sport, or your activity.

Through diligent chiropractic care along with specific modalities to your muscles and functionality, your body can be transformed in the sense of heightened awareness and coordination amongst the nerves of your entire body system.  This improvement, which is on a neurological level, directly translates to improved muscle activity such as strength, endurance, flexibility, and durability.

Life is demanding.  Many of us what to perform at our best with all that life has to throw at us.  The “secrete” to enhance that performance for those demands is not found any store, piece of equipment or clothing, or some magical pill.  The secret is found within yourself.  It is when your cells, your muscle fibers, the communication between those elements and the nerves that are the driving force behind the operations of your body are all working on the same page.  When your body has minimal dysfunctional resistance, you will then start to unleash and unlock your true potential.  Quickly achievable when your body is neurologically ready and accepting of what treasures are available when you step outside of your comfort zone.  You become limitless.

Our AIM is to help make your life easier and less swayed by outlandish demands life bestows.  Defense is your best offense, so more resilience, less penetrating, and solid your body is, the greater chance to physical, emotional, and mental performance enhancement and optimization!

You don’t have to be sidelined, literally or even figuratively.  Life is too short for that.  You deserve to live a life where more of those days will let to be your best days!

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